Intermezzo : Marsupials and Monotremes

When you ask around about Australian animals, everyone knows a koala and a kangaroo… But there are a couple more special ones over there.

These animals are part of some unique kind in the world, the MARSUPIALS (or pouch animals). This means that their young are birthed very early and fatten a couple of months afterwards in the pouch.

Another special group are the MONOTREMES or egg-laying mammals…

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Intermezzo : Shopping Outback…

Onze volgende bestemming: Bedourie.

Even enkele anekdotes over het shoppen in de outback.
In het infocentrum van Bedourie horen we dat er in de lokale winkel veel verse groenten en fruit te koop zijn. Op naar de winkel! Zoals zo vaak in de outback staan er geen prijzen op het fruit en groenten. We nemen vanalles mee en laten het wegen.

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Intermezzo Camping…

Sedert ik terug in het land ben, geniet ik van het samen kamperen. We worden echte deskundigen in het bivakeren. Bart gebruikt zijn ingenieursinzicht voor het bouwen van waslijnen en het opspannen van tentzeilen. Ik heb me ondertussen omgetoverd in een keukenprinses gespecialiseerd in gezonde voeding in de bush.
Hieronder vinden jullie enkele kiekjes van het kampleven.

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Intermezzo : Australian driving experience

The most important thing about driving in Australia… Drive left.
In most cases that goes quite easy, but some things ask some more attention. Turning around a corner is not always that easy, however they place mostly signs ‘keep left’ at the lane, so that helps.

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Intermezzo : 4WD or camper van?

We’re now travelling some time in Australia and I want to rethink our first question… Van or 4WD?
After this period, both of us are really glad we drive a 4WD. It opens many more gates and proves to be real fun! Agreed, we plan our trip along the car, with more challenging and daring roads. We take frequently dirt roads or 4WD tracks, but this rough country asks for a suitable car.

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Intermezzo : ‘the art of love’

One thing I already learned during this trip… People here really help each other! Without that numerous help, this trip would have failed a thousand times. Especially the last days, I started to see and to feel how strong human connections are here in the Kimberleys! We’re probably in one of the roughest parts of our world, no – or poor – telephone connection, a harsh desert climate and very long distances to travel. You almost need to be all the time self sufficient and can count on the Royal Flying Doctors, but even that is not enough.

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