Entering the Altiplano, Puno

Donderdag, 10 juli 2014

Verstopte neus, drogd huid en gebarstsn lippen… Welkom in de altiplano.
Vandaag gaan we met de hele, uitgebreide familie naar las Islas Uros (eilanden gemaakt uit riet) en Isla Taquile (waar de mannen breien).

The way from Arequipa to Puno crosses the Altiplano, and along the way we climb steadily… Puno itself lies at 3800m, at the shores of lake Titicaca. Upon arrival we immediately take a taxi to visit the nearby ruins at Sillustani. The chullpas – tower like structures – are old burial places from ancient times.
We immediately feel the small walk! Every step here counts double. On the way back we meet a couple of lama’s and alpaca’s. Ilse joins us in the hotel and takes us to a typical restaurant, where alpaca and other typical grilled meat is served.

Ayme and Aldaïr joins us the next morning for a trip to the floating islands and Taquili.
These floating islands are totora reed islands, created by their inhabitants as temporarily homes. They last around 20-25 years. You can only find them in the shallow locations of Lake Titicaca, since they need a continuous support of the reed. After that we continue to the weavers of Taquili island. They are world wide known for their outstanding handicraft. Funny detail here, it are mostly men who do the jobs. On these islands men can only marry if they know how to wash, cook and weave…
We end the day in an excellent pizzeria, where Aldaïr tastes pizza for the very first time in his life.