Wu Shu Demo

After our free day, we face another 5 days of intense training. The programme remains, but there is far more to master for each of us.

The weather stays hot, around 30-33 degrees, unfortunately with a significant increase in humidity… After trainings you feel like leaving the shower.

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Walled City

After 5 days of intense training, we finally have a day off… Some of us decide to remain at the hotel, while others join the discovery tour, organised by Shun, a student of Zhang laoshi. Shun is also a travel guide.

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Wu Shu Training 01

After 3 relaxing days, the camp does start. The Belgian team has 7 members, the 5 you’ve met earlier in Beijing – Lieve, Jeroen, Boris, Karen and me – and 2 others who we meet in the hotel, Micha and Kevin.

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Beijing Hot (S)Pot

Finally… After one year intensive training, the Zhen Wu Camp in Beijing arrives. Our flight leaves on one of the busiest days at Brussels Airport, but we don’t see anything of that. Everything goes smooth and after a 10h direct flight we arrive in Beijing airport. Approval goes quick.

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Tomb explorer

After all those temples, a new chapter on my journey begins…

Visiting some less known tombs along the Nile.

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