Darwin and surrounds

We used the time in Darwin to enjoy some beautiful sunsets and sunrises…
Played a couple of hours in the Florence Falls in Litchfield, went to the wave lagoon and met the little Brooklyn on our campsite…

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Intermezzo : Marsupials and Monotremes

When you ask around about Australian animals, everyone knows a koala and a kangaroo… But there are a couple more special ones over there.

These animals are part of some unique kind in the world, the MARSUPIALS (or pouch animals). This means that their young are birthed very early and fatten a couple of months afterwards in the pouch.

Another special group are the MONOTREMES or egg-laying mammals…

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FOR SALE : 1988 Toyota LandCruiser

De eerste 2 dagen in Darwin gaven we onze Janis een volledige facelift! We haalden alles eruit…stoften haar volledig uit en wasten ieder hoekje. Ik amuseerde mezelf met haar helemaal te waxen. Het was alsof ik haar inwreef met nivea. Ze kreeg terug een babyhuidje…

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The Stuart Highway : The Alice to Darwin

The road from The Alice to Darwin, a straigth line of 1500 km’s sealed roads…
How do we make that distance interesting? Or better… How do the Australians make them interesting? Well a short list of remarkable places, some naturally, others humanly.

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Mud Party on the road to The Alice

From the Oodnadatta Roadhouse we head along some dirt roads to Dalhousie Springs for a swim in the hot springs over there… However the campsite was crowded and during night it started raining.
So next morning we got a nice surprise. Wet dirt roads = mud party…
Enjoy the pictures below from Janis cawling through the mud.
(and look what the road did to our eggs 😦 )

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The old stock routes : Birdsville en Oodnadatta Track

When we exit the Simpson Desert, we decide to take the old stock routes – now famous Outback ways – all on dirt roads.
It are the Birdsville Track, some 560 km’s between Marree and Birdsville and the Oodnadatta Track, another 600 km’s between Marree and Marla. We only travel them partly in both cases, but long enough to enjoy the scenery. The reason why they were so famous in the real drover’s days is because the presence of lots of bores or springs along the way. They allowed the mobs, horses and drovers to be rested and watered.

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Going Simpson

Finally… After all the rodeos, repairs and frightening by locals we’re going Simpson!
Just Janis and us. Show them your value girl! Pick a couple of dunes.

Fueled up, provided with food and water, motor tuned up,… We are ready!
Deflating our tyres till 20psi, locking hubs, putting in high 4WD…

Radio on : ‘Heading West on QAA Line – Here comes Janis, a red Toyota LandCruiser’

Dune 1… a couple of spectators on top.
Radiocontact : ‘is the way clear?’ – ‘All is clear, you can come up’

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