Walking at 5000m…

The environment stays great, so we keep walking, climbing/descending every day around 500 up to 1000m

10 days later we’re back on Philippes doorstep, preparing our return to Lima. Our last two days in South America we’ll spend in the more relaxing Colombia.
We’re glad we did the trip, but it is a one time experience. The local mentality ruins our return!

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The tourist trap

We’ll end two months in Peru with a 10 day trekking in the Cordillera Huayhuash. A friend of Philippe, Wichu, will be our guide during these 10 days. Before we leave, we buy all the food for the next 10 days. Luckily a couple of donkeys will carry all our luggage along the trail… So we can buy a lot of supplies and don’t have to worry about the weight.
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Entering the height

After the culture trip around Trujillo, it is time to return into nature… So we head to Tarica, near Huaraz to explore the Cordillera Blanca.
There we receive a warm welcome from Philippe and his wife, they’re far family from Ilse. So we can use their home as a fall out base to explore the surrounding mountains and every day we receive delicious meals. A nice opportunity to end our trip!
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Pre-Inca Cultures around Trujillo

Around Trujillo evidence has been found from ancient civilisations. Many adobe structures and tombs are unearthed in the region, so the next couple of days we’ll try to discover something about this Moche and other cultures residing there…
From our comfortable hostal we have a great opportunity to do so. As a nice extra, just outside some delicious chevice is sold. An ideal breakfast for a couple of days. And it are not only the two of us who like that small chevice cart a lot.
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After that we catch the plane back to Lima, instead of 22 hours bus…
In Lima we firstly visit the old oracle site, a little outside town, Pachacamac. A big spot, consisting of numerous adobe temples, ranging from 300 to 1533, the arrival of the Spaniards and destruction of the Inca. We establish a first connection to the old cultures here in this desert area.
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The Mighty Inca

After 33 hours bus, we arrive finally in the City of the Inca, Cusco. The entire town is built on the remnants of am old Inca town, but today it feels more like a big touristic attraction.
For me it is the entrance way to the famous Inca Citadel, Machu Picchu… But we’re quite late, so the question is: ‘will I get there, without any preparation?’. Next morning I walk around half of Cusco to find an entrance ticket, but it is with the help of Ilse that I finally manage to get hold of a train ticket to the citadel.

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The Salt Plains of Uyuni, Bolivia

From that spot we have a long drive to the salt flat… We cross a sandstorm, pass along some flamingo lakes and see the landscape changing in the white salt region. That evening we sleep in one of the salt hotels along the real flat.
Early morning we leave to experience sunrise on the flat. The polygonal shape of the flat looks miraculous and when we continue to the cactus island, we can enjoy some funny shapes. The swinging grannies, a bunny, a meerkat, … After that we keep driving along the flat to Uyuni, which is open only for one hour.

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