The Whale Valley

The Fayoum Oasis, a region that holds more secrets as the eye could see at first sight…

Around the oasis lie 3 pyramids scattered, Meidum – El Lahun – Hawara. Thanks to Adel, my reliable driver in Egypt I could explore this region in all its beauty. He had to ask a lot of help to get everywhere, but finally we managed to see it all.

Nonetheless a hidden gem, deep inside the oasis are the Wadi Rayan and Wadi Al Hitan. Wadi Rayan is often used as a local beach, including some falls connecting two adjacent lakes. Those falls are intensely used as the local swimming pool, annex playground.

However if we turn back in time, some 50 million years… we wouldn’t discover any land over here. This area was the Thetis Sea, and the Wadi Al Hitan was used as a whale cemetery. At that spot some of the oldest whale skeletons on Earth have been found. They form the missing link between the skeletons found in a valley in Pakistan and the modern whales. How whales evolved from land animals to sea animals…

When I finally got there I was mesmerised by the eerie desert landscape, sculptured by the wind over the years. Scattered throughout the valley the whale skeletons (Dorudon and Basilosaurus) greet you along the track. The energies in that valley, combined with the stunning views make it a miraculous spot!

To end this area, I paid tribute to Wadjet (Cobra) and Sobek (Crocodile),  who guarded this valley for eons…  And still do!


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