The fairy country – Part 2 : HuangLong

After JiuZhaiGou we head to the even stunning HuangLong valley,
therefore we cross a 5588m peak in the clouds. The same crystal clear,
blue waters can be found in the travertine underground. But here it is
said that the lakes appear as a wriggling yellow dragon between the
green forests…

Our first impression during the 7,5 km walk up is that it feels like a
more beautiful and greater version of the Turkish Pamukale. The same
pools appear here. With some imagination you can see the dragon scales
they talk about.
Near the top we enter the Yellow Dragon Taoist temple before going to
the last part of the valley, the Multi Coloured Pool. If you want,
there is also a cableway uphill. The highest point of the park lies at
some 3600m, while you start around 3200m… And at the peak, you face
a crowd of people…
The colours of the pools here are also stunning. It is an entirely
different experience from JiuZhaiGou, but equals its beauty.