The fairy country – Part 3 : MouNiGou

After that we head to SongPan… There is only one trouble! It is
around 6pm and the last bus left some two hours ago. Luckily we meet
an English speaking tour guide, who helps us to find a taxi to there.
One hour later we enter our guesthouse, exploited by two friendly
Chinese people. One day later we discover that there are two
guesthouses with the name ‘Shunjiang Guesthouse’ and perhaps we slept
in the wrong one… But the rooms were decent, only the bathroom could

The next day we order a private car to visit the MuNiGou NP, since
this park is quite recent and not as famous as the other two, there is
no public transport to it. In the morning we visit the Erdao lake
area. During that trip we only pass some 10 persons, so we have the
park almost for ourselves! We enjoy the rest and beauty of the spot,
not as spectacular as the other two parks, but the quietness makes it
worth the trip!
In the afternoon we visit the Zhaga Waterfall in the same park, this
is the highest travertine fall in China, 104m high… It is stunning.

In the evening we visit the historic city of SongPan briefly, while we
enjoy the picturesque character of the town.

After these three parks, we can end the fairy tale valleys… They
were really worth a visit! Each one of them! JiuZhaiGou for the
stunning scenery, HuangLong for the amazing interlinked pools and
MuNiGou for the quietness…
I wondered a while why they are called fairy valleys, but look at
every fairy tale you know and that crystal clear, deep blue water
hidden in the forest is a part of it! If you don’t get the picture,
hire one of Disney’s ‘Tinkerbell’ movies and you know where I am
talking about…

One disadvantage at this trip is that he is extremely expensive. The
entrance fees for the parks and the public transport in the parks
costs lots of money.
Luckily I borrowed one of Ilses old student cards, only changed the
picture and now both of us enter every park with student reduction…
We don’t speak Chinese, but they don’t speak Western languages. Every
difficulty also has its advantages 😀