Moscow and the Georgian hospitality

In Moscow we receive a great welcome from Eka. She accompanies us to the hotel for some refreshment before she leads us in the city…
That evening we taste some typical Georgian food, with our experienced guide and we enjoy a performance in the Bolshoi theatre. A children’s play, but nonetheless very amusing. The costumes and act are great.

The next day we have some sightseeing in the city… The Red Square with Lenin’s Mausoleum (a very small guy inside an incredibly large building), Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Kazan Cathedral, the Kremlin, the State Historical Museum and the Gum (a very big shopping centre). When we visit the Cathedrals we really like the Orthodox interior and iconography. This kind of churches has a cosy, shiny and friendly interior compared with our dark, cold cathedrals, filled with torture equipment… Because we visit on a sunday, there are many persons attending a service.
In the afternoon we visit the Kremlin… Some stunning cathedrals are built inside. We also visit the armoury, showing the wealth of the old Tsars, but this is not really our linking. Especially the high entrance fees make it less attractive. After all the sightseeing, Eka picks us up and takes us to another restaurant. For the second day in a row we experience the Georgian hospitality and enjoy their cooking style. After that Eka and a couple of friends show us Moscow by night.

Our last day in the city starts with a fun trip in the Moscow Metro… Some of the stations are real pearls, so we try a couple of them. It is true, in some of these stations you experience more an underground castle instead of a subway. Thereafter we visit the Novodevichy Convent and pay tribute to Boris Yeltsin after that.
From there we explore the neighbourhood around the Red October and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, before we pass some other churches on our way back to the Red Square. We peek into the Gum before Eka picks us up and takes us to a lounge bar with a view over Moscow as a goodbye gift.

The Moscow traffic is terrible that evening, so we arrive too late at the airport… Eka feels the trouble and accompanies us on the train to the airport.
When we arrive, we find that our plane leaves in 10 minutes! Oops, mistake!
But Eka acts miraculous. She changes our flight to the next morning, she assists us with the early check-in to avoid visum troubles and then it is time to say goodbye. You gave us a great time in your city Eka, thanks for being such nice and friendly company all the time. We enjoyed our time in Russia and plan to come back. You made us very warm to Georgia and Kazachstan…

But before that adventure we promised you a trip to our small country here in Europe. Once we’re back we’ll organise a small discovery of Belgium for you.
Thank you!

The next morning we fly to Berlin, after a night in the airport… Above that our plane has two hours delay, because it needs to be defrosted.
But finally we arrive in Berlin, where we’ll meet our parents. A happy reunion after 18 months on the road.

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  1. Dag Bart en Ilse,
    Ik heb jullie prachtige reis met veel plezier gevolgd en wilde jullie bedanken voor de tijd en moeite die jullie namen om de thuisblijvers een beetje mee te laten genieten!!
    Het zal wel een hele aanpassing zijn nu, maar misschien dromen jullie al van de volgende bestemming…
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar en nog veel succes met alle plannen,

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