After that we catch the plane back to Lima, instead of 22 hours bus…
In Lima we firstly visit the old oracle site, a little outside town, Pachacamac. A big spot, consisting of numerous adobe temples, ranging from 300 to 1533, the arrival of the Spaniards and destruction of the Inca. We establish a first connection to the old cultures here in this desert area.

From Pachacamac we head to a local handicrafts market and from there to the ‘Paseo de los Aguas’, an area with some 15 different fountains, symbolising the importance of water in Lima. It is namely the second biggest town built in a desert, after Cairo.

The next day we visit the historical centre: Plaza de San Martin, Plaza de Armas and the Monasterio San Francisco with some famous catacombs. After that it is time to say goodbye to my father and Christine, at 8 o’clock tonight they have a flight back to Belgium.
We hope they enjoyed their stay and brief introduction with the altiplano, despite the altitude and cold!
Bye bye both of you, have a good flight home… Thank you for being here.

After that we spent a romantic night in our hostal and around noon the next day we catch a bus to Trujillo, for another important meeting with the Andean culture.