Going Simpson

Finally… After all the rodeos, repairs and frightening by locals we’re going Simpson!
Just Janis and us. Show them your value girl! Pick a couple of dunes.

Fueled up, provided with food and water, motor tuned up,… We are ready!
Deflating our tyres till 20psi, locking hubs, putting in high 4WD…

Radio on : ‘Heading West on QAA Line – Here comes Janis, a red Toyota LandCruiser’

Dune 1… a couple of spectators on top.
Radiocontact : ‘is the way clear?’ – ‘All is clear, you can come up’

Vroom… vroom… oops… we’re already up…
All eyes upon this old red fury… Are you taking her in? Yeah, sure.
Like you see, she climbs easily… Yeah, right.

Dune 2… already Big Red…
Easy way, up in one try…
Middle way, up in two tries…
Hard and extreme ways… not for us anymore.
But the car goes easier than many modern ones. She really feels in her hum and so do we.

After the Big one, we start to drive in…
Crawling dune after dune, till we arrive on a beautiful clay pan between two dunes. After some 100 km’s it is time to set up a camp.
A reddening dune, sunset, the milky way, complete silence, … Enjoy the camp scenery.

Day two we keep the pace from day one, however the dunes grow higher and become more frequent. Steering is harder, but we keep pace.
After a couple more hours driving and another 100 km’s, we’re on Poeppel Corner. The famous three state border of Australia. Queensland, Northern Territories and Southern Australia intersect over here, near this clay pan.
We set up another camp between the dunes, light a fire and enjoy once more the stunning beauty of a night in desert.

After these two days we change direction…
‘Heading South on K1 Line’ – up to the Birdsville Track and Maree.

Instead of crossing dunes, we drive now in between.
The plants and scenery changing slowly, the dunes growing lower and some more clay pans to drive along. Another 100 km’s further we set up camp on a huge clay pan.
In the background we see some sceneries like in Mungo NP, with this difference we can walk toward them this time.

We arrive at our last day in desert… In the morning we enjoy the clay pan, act a little lazy and start driving around 11:30. After some 20 km’s we meet an Australian traveller who starts giving us a couple of good camping spots for the next days and slowly shift the subject to traveling China. We receive their out-bush half our itinerary.
After some 2 hours we keep driving, till we face a car with a leak tyre… It proves to be a Belgian couple on a trip here. Bart and Lotte, after a long talk we decide to drive a little further to a camp site for the night.
We set up camp, light a camp fire and share a meal… and lots of stories about traveling…

All this guys, you have to take care about by driving bush. Always expect the unexpected… Never ever set up a scheme, since you’ll mostly be unable to hold it.
Road conditions, fellow travelers, car troubles, cows,… They make your way…