Intermezzo : ‘the art of love’

One thing I already learned during this trip… People here really help each other! Without that numerous help, this trip would have failed a thousand times. Especially the last days, I started to see and to feel how strong human connections are here in the Kimberleys! We’re probably in one of the roughest parts of our world, no – or poor – telephone connection, a harsh desert climate and very long distances to travel. You almost need to be all the time self sufficient and can count on the Royal Flying Doctors, but even that is not enough.

Take for example our car, our most important piece here in the Outback! Without it, we won’t get anywhere and are trapped in desert. Everyone knows that and they’ll try whatever their possibilities are to make sure you get out of the troubles. Just ask and they help in a almost incredible manners! Every time you’re along the road, standing still, all folks – except some pretentious tourists – stops to ask if all goes well…
It also looks typical that everyone has time here. You got a problem and the Aussies really take time to listen to you and to solve what lies in their options.
Luckily we got an easy car, parts and knowledge are everywhere to be found, but even then…
I remember the help of the miners in Tom Price, the Ranger at Steep Point, the mechanic at Beagle Bay, all these friendly people along the Gibb River Road… That’s only for our car and even then I forget numerous other ones who helped us with other small or great things.
At all parts everyone works together and likes to help! That gives us such a secure feeling, that we can travel this part of the world. Ask here and it will be given.
This area lives by the people, is created by them and loved by them. Everyone knows the dangers that continuously surround us and is aware that sooner or later he can also be in a huge need.
After all we’re grateful for the many things we’re receiving. Think about Fatma in Indonesia, all the help of the divemasters in Komodo and Alor, Nick and Julie in Fremantle, Tom and Marjan, the warmth of Stan and Suzanne, all the support from the homefront, … This trip is builded with people, for people and trough people. Nothing can be achieved alone!

This cooperation is something we’ve lost more in our Belgian society… However in our families we also feel and share that warmth. And here in that harsh part, we receive that feeling so far from home.
It makes me wonder, be grateful and realise what power we humans have in cooperation, doesn’t matter where we are.

With this blog, I’d like to invite all of you to do the same… Work together to understand all. I write in English simply because it’s easier to write and I want it to be accessible for all around the globe. If we meet people who wish to follow us, they have the option. Ilse adds her part in Dutch and together we create our story from a trip which gives us knowledge, nature and experiences beyond everything known. I’m sure that if you – readers of our stories – work together and help each other, our stories will get another dimension and become clear to all.

The subtitle of our blog is not accidentally entitled ‘the art of love as a game on our path’…
For us it are the daily experiences that makes us taste the ‘art’ of love. Love for each other, for the nature, for the people around us, for our car, for ourselves,… We experience it along the road, both of us grow with all kind of challenges we encounter. It is a great story, told and lived by two people who want to experience. Therefore we have two ways of telling the same at one place.
So we merge it and invite all around to taste with us the great adventures.

People who live in love, share love and receive love. That is the only connection strong enough to heal and merge all other things.

In love we live,
In love we give,
In love we receive,
In love we grow.

And light shines among our path… The daily sun, the numerous stars and the great moon…

In light we live,
In light we give,
In light we receive,
In light we grow.

Love and light, the strongest powers humans can find.
In light and love,
Ilse and Bart

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  1. Inspiring..I’m trying to do the same: I’m Italian but I’m doing an effort to communicate my experience downunder in English. I haven’t started travelling yet though, I’m stuck in Perth saving up money. Keep going guys, you are making it to Paradise!

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