Our last days in Indonesia we’ll spend in Bali…
All begins there with a visit to the immigration services, because we need an extension of our visum. It is already the tigst time we try to get an extension. In Kupang we forgot about it, in Maumere we planned to ask the extension on the 31th of july, but on the last day of the month they don’t work and in Labuan Bajo the office is not yet open. So all depends on the working here at Denpasar airport… Promising…

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From Kalabahi, Alor to Larantuka, Flores and Flores itself

We’ll leave the diving for some time now… The next couple of days we’ll discover the Archipelago over land and the seasurface. From Kepa we cross the narrow sea street and go by ojek – a motorbike with driver – to Kalabahi, the capital of Alor. Our drivers know the streets well and in no time we’re where we need to be. On the bikes we enjoyed the early sun. Getting up early is at least good for one thing. We pass a bank to update our money rates…

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Visiting Kupang and diving in Alor

Early morning, we sail from Kanawa back to Labuan Bajo, Flores. There its a real trial to get enough money from the terminals to pay all bills and spent some more hours in the city. However city, one street, covered with restaurants, dive shops and hotels is a more appropriate description.
Our flight leaves at 16:30, so we get some time for a meal, a couple of walks up and down the street (until we found all necessities) and finally get a bemo to the airport, three streets further.

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Kanawa Island Diving

Our morning starts excellent in Bali… We eat a fresh breakfast, make all luggage arrangements and call a taxi to the airport. There we take our luggage cart an go on the balinese way to the terminal… Slof slof sloffieslof… I really need to accommodate to that behaviour, while Ilse manages that quite well! We get a security check, but never a passport control and arrive at the check-in desk of Merpati… But our flight is nowhere to detect. We ask the hostess and receive the answer ‘already going’… Oops, whats going on?

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The botanical gardens

Singapore and Bali

Finally our great adventure starts… How will it be? How will we doing it?

With some questions and a couple of nerves we start our big adventure…

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