Viva Colombia

In Pereira we just want to visit the thermas de Santa Rosa and then pick the bus to Popayan.
When we arrive in Pereira, we drop our luggage in the Kolibri Hostel and take a bus to Santa Rosa… We arrive there too late – since the bus stopped at nearly every door – and the last bus to the termas is gone. Disappointed we return to Pereira and decide to extend our stay here one day. The location feels really nice.

Next morning we sleep long and around midday we take another time the bus to Santa Rosa. Then we have once again a long, long, looooong wait before the bus to the termas arrives. When he finally arrives, we’re surprised to see its a chiva, a typical painted bus. Totally South American Style we follow the road to the termas.
Today the entire country is dressed in the yellow shirt of their national team… This afternoon they play their match against Uruguay. From in the termas we can follow the match perfectly. 2-0 for Colombia, so a happy feeling afterwards. In the meantime we get half cooked in the warm waters, but the scenery feels perfect.

On the bustrip back the vuvuzela’s and happy supporters greet us all the time.
We’re here in the region where the chorizo sausages are typical, so we have to try them before we go. In the supermarket we buy some 1,5 kg to prepare… Delicious meal… We already look forward to try it! During the walk back to our hostel, the entire main road is blocked with happy supporters!
Friday is the next meeting… Colombia – Brasil… We prepare already for another festivity event!

The next morning we take the time for breakfast, see Holland win his match and continue to Popayan.