The Egyptian Pyramids

Ancient Egypt, known for the pyramids… However, when you ask around, most people think that with the 3 located at the Gizeh plateau you’re finished.

In fact that plateau contains more pyramids, namely 2 x 3 so called queen’s pyramids. Bringing the total at 9 pyramid buildings at the plateau. In the region ranging from Cairo to the Fayoum Oasis, there are some 118 or 138 pyramids found. The exact number depends on the source you’re using. But don’t be mistaken, most of them are reduced to rubbish. During my stay in Egypt I had the opportunity to visit them all. A stunning experience!

My trip started at Saqqara, a location I assume to be the centre of this pyramid axis… And for sure, it offers stunning overviews at both sides. I have the opportunity to observe both, the Gizeh  and Abou Sir pyramid complex at one side, while the other side offers a breathtaking view of the Dahsur site.

Personally I experienced the Red Pyramid energetically as the strongest one. Nonetheless the more sites I visited, the more my feeling grew that all of them work together as an organism. All those pyramids work in unison, they are a strong energetic mechanism that connects Hollow Earth with the Earth Surface and the Cosmos.

Their purpose goes far beyond everything historians or others wants us to believe! It is a power generator for the Earth. Time to put it back into the grids.