Temple tour

Temples are scattered along the Nile… Remnants of a glorious past, still to be discovered in many ways. The Egyptian civilisation is one of the highest ranked in recent days.

On this trip I experienced four of the major temples… I left Cairo by a night train, after which my trustworthy driver, Adel, picked me up in the morning at the Luxor train station. Together we embarked on a trip along some of Egypt’s finest and best kept hidden secrets.

It started with the famous temple from Luxor, which represents for me the power of Man. Besides the hidden power it also contains the indoctrinations we’ve experienced the last millennia. By passing along those ancient walls, my spirit could realise a lot. I traced back my steps to unlock a part of this mystery…

The temple from Karnak was the next on the list. This temple is linked to the sacred bond between the Masculine and Feminine Powers. How they team up to create a fertile environment. I really enjoyed wandering all over that place!

Then the Hathor temple of Dendara followed, the ultimate feminine one… This is a miraculous spot, one where I rejoiced for a long time, enjoying the stunning frescoes and many ceilings with Noet, goddess of the Heavens, on them. Nonetheless the heavy damage of the Hathor faces represents at the same time the strong repressions over the centuries. It is about time to restore the original spirit.

And finally the temple of Abydos, which represents the rebirth of Man. This temple also houses a lot of mysteries, inherited by this topic. For many of us this temple is the ultimate proof for the ancient roots of the ‘Flower of Life’-pattern. However, I’ve faced those 5 paintings / engravings on that single column, and for me that particular spot felt empty. It was more like a meeting place for extraterrestrials instead of a highly spiritual involved engraving.

Those 4 temple complexes allowed me to fine tune some energies within, but most of all they prepared me for what was about to come… In Tell Al Amarna, but that’s a story for the next time.