Go with the flow

Life flows,
Projects ripen,
And the wish to share remains…

So the time has come to give this blog a fresh continuation. Many things did happen since we’ve last met each other. We returned to Belgium, Ilse and I went our own way, while the memories of this marvellous adventure never fade. This has been such an extraordinary adventure, a teacher of its own and I still enjoy the memories.

At the same time I picked up my engineering job where I left it, at heavy infrastructure… Yet I switched from a contractor, BAM, to a consultant, Arcadis. Quite soon this lead me to a tunneling project in Ismailia, Egypt. So I could combine my love for travelling and my job in a unity.

Simultaneously the project I started during my trip, writing a book, continued. Along the road I changed a lot, met many lovely people who help me realise this project and I rejoice in it every single day. Steadily this projects comes to fruition.
It is my wish to share those special memories along the road with all of you.

I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do…
Since together we can co-create our dreams!

Dare to be YOU.